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Body Modification

BME Community
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This community is not officially endorsed by BME. This community was created for livejournal users to share tips, experiences, pictures, etc.

If you have a question about a piercing, aftercare, procedure or anything else, PLEASE check back a couple of entries to make sure the same question wasn't already asked. You may also check out the "memories" section of this community as well. Below is a link of some questions that have been asked to the BME crew & their response. We hope this is also a helpful tool for you now and in the future:

Scared about the risks of body modification? Do you have questions about certain risks? You can check the following link out. It may be of some help:

Please place images behind an lj-cut tag to ensure that it doesn't screw up everyone's "friends" pages (some people get irritated). If you are unsure on how to do that, please follow this link: ♠LJ-CUT♠ You can learn how to use lj-cut and other livejournal-specific tags by using the "Help" option, "FAQ" at the top of the page.

Please do NOT spam us w/ eBay auctions, or anything that you want to trade, buy, or sell. If you are interested in trading/selling/buying please look into trade_stuff.

You don't have to have piercings, tattoos, or any other kinds of body modifications to join. If this is something of an interest to you, whether it be now or in the near future, please feel free to join and submit your questions and comments here.

For those of you who are unfamiliar w/ body modification, click on the link for dictionary terms for different types of body modification and ritual:

If you have any questions please contact:

makimachi_misao//Natalie - creator/maintainer
AIM: ureekbadly
Email: x0xnadz0x@hotmail.com

The other moderators that you can contact are:

mourning_again//Joshua - moderator/professional piercer
Email: xbelieve13x@yahoo.com

saphirrisse//Elizabeth - moderator/memories section
AIM saphirrisse
Email: saphirrisse@aol.com